The result should have been out last Saturday so I was kinda hestitant to push through with the scheduled out-of-town trip with my officemate up north in the city of Pines for the celebrated flower festival. But it later came into me that anticipating so much for the result won’t change the outcome. I decided to take the weekend off, take my mind off the paranoia that I have, and push through with the trip.

And I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the cool weather, the new friends and acquaintances I met, photography — taking snapshots of the festival, the festivities, and my passion — food tripping. But most of all, the best thing is I was able to gain peace of mind being not to think about my current dilemna. Although it pops into my head once in a while, the company that I had turned my depression into laughter — a retreat to solace.

Three days and three nights. Very memorable and fun. But reality bites. Had to go back to the metro, back to the inevitable routines of my life, and embrace the fear that have subsided in the past three days. I”m glad I took that trip. Although sleepless and tiring as it is, I felt refreshed.