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test results…

Here’s the result of my lab tests last week. Overall, I’m normal except that I have Urinary Tract Infection (WBC count in my Urinalysis). Can’t wait to get my actual CD4 count on Thursday. I’m hoping that I still don’t need to take ARV medication and that I have a high CD4 cell count.

VDRL/RPR – Non-reactive
HBsAg – Non-reactive

Hemoglobin – 173
Hematocrit – 0.51
RBC – 5.4
WBC – 8.25
Neutrophils – 0.55
Lymphocytes – 0.44
Eosinophils – 0.01
Platelet count – adequate

Blood Chemistry
FBS – 4.78
Urea Nitrogen – 7.80
Creatinine – 0.86
SGOT – 23.6
SGPT – 35.9
ALK Phosphatase – 170

Chest PA
No active lung infiltrates seen
Heart is not enlarged
Trachea is midline
Diaphragm, Sulci, and Ribs are unremarkable

Color – yellow
Transparency – Slightly Hazy
Reaction – Acidic
Specific Gravity – 1.015
pH – 6.5
Sugar – Negative
Protein – Negative
WBC – 8-12
RBC – 0-1
Mucus Threads – moderate
Epithelial Cells – rare
Bacteria – rare


the verdict

I am positive.

No wonder it took so long for my result to come out. The confirmatory result from San Lazaro indicates that I am reactive to HIV 1. I have been preparing for this with the mentality that I am positive until proven negative. and it helped.┬áThe OIC accredited by DOH to give the post-testing counselling session was kinda surprised that I took the result well and applauded me for being strong and intelligent about it (the fact that I know a lot about the disease. Well, I did tons of research about it). She had me sent to their general practitioner to have the endorsement form filled up. After the quick physical exam and some questions, my case is classified as clinically stage two. After the physical, I was told that they’ll text me again once they have already endorsed me to San Lazaro for the census, and lab tests (CD4, Viral load, Opportunistic Diseases, et al).

It’s not the end of the world for me. I’m taking this as another chapter of my life. A new page unfolds and it depends on me how I’m going to write the remaining pages of my life. I have to be positive about it as life goes on.

I took the day off from work after finding out the result. Spent the day with my best friend in Trinoma to talk about my plans, what to do next, and when to tell my parents about it. To somehow distract me from the bitter reality, we had lunch, did some window shopping, watched How to train a Dragon in 3D, and had a few bottles with a kabarda. At the end of the day, I fell asleep with the question, “What’s next?”

I am positive and I WILL BE POSITIVE ABOUT IT.

Finally, after the several calls I made to the laboratory to follow-up and check on the status of my lab result, I’ve gotten what I have been waiting for — a text message from the lab that I can already pick-up the result on Monday, March 22 at 11am onwards from their head office. I have nothing more to do than to be vigilant in prayers and to keep my hopes up that things will turn out fine — that my result will be non-reactive. Just like what my friends have been assuring me.