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2nd CD4 count…

I finally got my CD4 count result this afternoon after almost a year. From 424 baseline, my count dropped to 366. Not bad given the mere reduction of 56 despite my stress level. In fact, I can consider myself lucky. Other people loose 200 in three to six months. I guess having a positive outlook in life and being a happy person helped a lot.

I also got my HCV and RPR results. Both are non-reactive. Yay!

Dra. D advised me to go back to H4 next week to consult with Dra. A if I need to start taking ARV medication or not. If I were to choose, I’d rather not take any medications yet until it’s needed.


Back from a bed rest

I have been out of circulation in the past few weeks. Busy with work, buffing up myself, and with socials that I forgot my limitations and the fact that I’m a pozzie. My body had finally succumbed to my weak immunity. I was down with the flu that started up as a bacterial inflammation of my tonsils. The past four days was an eye-opener for me. Ages ago, a simple tonsilitis won’t even develop into a more serious disease. In fact, bed rest and fluid intake would simply serve as cure. But now, a simple disease leads to further complications with extreme adverse effects. My dad even gave me a much more potent antibiotic as the one I’ve been taking before isn’t doing me any good anymore.

After 3 days of bed rest, I’ll be able to report back to work tomorrow. I have to refrain from straining myself from work and other physical activities until I have fully recovered. This three-day bed rest has been very beneficial to me as I was able to invigorate myself and retreat from the daily routine stressful activities. When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, Although It seemed that I lost a few pounds, I look well-rested and fresher.

I have to regularly remind myself that I am no longer my old self. I’m getting older and my immunity getting weaker. I don’t want to start taking my ARV medication yet. I have to keep my CD4 high. Thus, I really need to take good care of myself.

That’s what my bestfriend reminded me through SMS a few minutes ago. I will have to take a retreat from my lifestyle:

1. Out of town beach trips almost every weekend
2. Inuman with my barkada every Sunday night, or anytime my friends invite me to go out (given that I have work the following day)
3. Date with my partner after work on Tuesday night ’til sunrise (will need to report to work the same morning)
4. Chain smoking
5. Sleep deprivation on weekdays being a hardcore insomniac
6. Stressful nature of my job

I have come to a realization that I’m writing my own death sentence. I have lived by the phrase carpe diem — seize the day; living my life to the fullest. Time is short and given my condition as a pozzie, every minute of my life matters. I have two options — enjoy my colorful bachelor life painted with travel and parties, or take things slow to prolong my life. The prior one is enticing. But I love myself, my family, and my friends. I want to grow old with them thus, I’m gonna need to sacrifice the fun part of my life. Hence on, I resolve to balance things between my health and fun.

Just got back from another beach escapade with my best friend and his buddy somewhere in Visayas. and as of now, I’m having an asthma attack. I smoked too much. During the trip, we just had four to five hours of sleep everyday. When I got back last Sunday, I slept the whole afternoon and then went out with my barkada till the wee hours. Despite the asthma and the medication I’m taking, I still had the guts to smoke and drink with them. These are the things that I need to change. I don’t want to regret what my CD4 count will be in November when I’m going to have my next blood extraction for my routine CD4 count monitoring.

I have started working out. But it’ll be no use if I’m gonna stick to this lifestyle. I have to start taking care of my health and general wellness. Thanks bestie for reminding me. I love you friend!