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HIV Viral Load

Just got the result of my HIV viral load. After two years of medication, my load is now undetectable. It is indeed a late birthday and early Christmas gift for me this year.


< 20 copies/mL
< 34 UI/mL

Threshold is estimated as 20 copies (1.3 log) of HIV-1 RNA/mL of plasma.
The linearity range extends up to 10000 000 copies/mL (log 7).
The quantification is homogenous for all sub types of HIV-1 group M and
HIV-1 group O tested, but is not applicable to HIV-2.
This test is exclusively reserved for the follow up of viral loads in
seropositive patients. Due to an increased sensitivity, a residual viral
load, not demonstrated by alternative techniques, and of which clinical
impact is not established presently, may be detected.


Blood Chemistry

After weeks of procrastinating, I was finally able to drop by the hospital nearby our village to get my blood extracted for my blood chemistry. It is a routine procedure at H4 to have this data presented to the doctor on duty every six months to check how the body is reacting to the ARV medication. Usually, the doctors prescribe this upon scheduling the patient for his or her CD4 count blood extraction. I’m quite glad that the result is normal despite the fact that I only had 5 hours of fasting instead of the required 8 hours. By fasting, there should be no food nor liquid intake in the prescribed duration.

Below is the result of my blood chemistry. Normal values as encapsulated within brackets for everyone’s reference.

FBS: 4.65 [3.89 – 5.83 mmol/L]
Urea Nitrogen: 15.20 [10 – 50 mg/dL]
Creatinine: 0.71 [0.4 – 1.4]
Cholesterol: 6.52 [< 5.171 mmol/L]
Triglycerides: 1.07 [up to 2.88 mmol/L]
SGOT: 20.68 [40 u/L]
SGPT: 24.06 [41 u/L]

Hemoglobin: 139 [130 – 180 G/L]
Hamatocrit: 0.41 [0.40 – 0.54 L]
RBC: 4.4 [ 4.5 – 6×10^12 L]
WBC: 8.8 [ 5.0 – 10.0×10^9 L]
Neutrophils: 0.60 [0.040 – 0.75]
Lymphocytes: 0.39 [0.20 – 0/45]
Eosinophils: 0.01 [0.01 – 0.06]


I’m supposed to go back to H4 this morning to get my CD4 count test result and have a consultation with Dr. A regarding my blood chemistry, and other laboratory test results. But I found it so hard to get out of bed this morning. I opted to take a few more hours of sleep than being an OPD patient in the H4 pavillion in this hellish weather. I swear to myself that next week, I will be there for my consultation. I need to know my CD4 count ASAP. No more delays and attack of katamaran. Besides, I need to get a presciption for the medication of my Urinary tract infection. Though we have a doctor in the family, I need to know which medication to take given that I can’t risk taking drugs that could have adverse effect on my health that could possibly give the virus a higher level of resistance. I haven’t gotten the list of meds that I am allowed to take and the list that I have to avoid. Better be safe the sorry. So next week…