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In the past few months, I was in the process of self-rediscovery and moving on from the wounds of the past. I got confused, depressed, needy. you name it. Finally after countless counselling sessions with my friends, professionals, and seminars, I have seen the light.

I have learned to let go of the past, to cherish the present, and to stop worrying about the future. I’m almost there. The healing process is almost complete. As advised, I need to cut off on all the negative things in my life and settle all the issues in my life.

These past few days, I have started talking to people that I have issues with. Not as a form of confrontation but more of resolving the gaps in between. From friends, previous colleagues, old enemies, and to exes. Hopefully after resolving all these, I’ll be complete again and be care free – letting go of all the fear, anger, ┬áissues, and things that are stopping me from reaching my goals and being happy with my life. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, i’ll be done with this particular task.


After a long SMS conversation with the anonymous texter (the person who told me that he transmitted the virus), that person finally agreed to reveal his identity in person with the condition that I will not hurt him nor do any harm to his family.

I arrived ahead of our meeting schedule somewhere in the Makati business district. When he showed up, I was quite surprised that the person was an ex partner of mine. He was wearing a medical mask given that he can’t afford to catch any opportunistic infection/disease as he commuted to our meeting place.

We chit-chatted for a while over coffee. I showed him my lab result. He gave me pointers that I need to know about the disease. I was very thankful to him that he immediately informed that he’s positive. I’d rather know that I also have the disease rather than finding out about it when everything’s too late. He had to leave early has he had to go home for his scheduled medication. But I understand though I have a thousand more questions in mind that I would like to ask him.

While I was driving home, everything started to sink in — That I already have the virus in my blood for quite some time (5 years or so). He’s already diagnosed with AIDS (111 CD4 -Tcells count). He was hospitalize a month before due to Tubercolosis and nearly died because of it. It was the time that he was diagnosed that he’s positive.

I can’t wait to have myself tested for my Cd4 count and viral load. I’m still hoping that I don’t need to start my ARV medication yet.