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Here’s a map on where the H4 pavillion and SACCL are at the San Lazaro compound which I took when I got my CD4 count. I got lost the very first time I went there and I don’t want my fellow pozzies to be in the same situation that I was in — lost at the TB ward. LOL.

I don’t where exactly is Quiricada street. Usually, I park at the DOH compound in front of the NEC building (LRT entrance) and then I just take a short walk to H4 or SACCL.


Vials for my blood extraction

As scheduled, I went to SACCL early this morning to have my blood extracted for my CD4 count. It kinda pissed me off that people don’t adhere to the processes and policies including the medical arm itself. OPD time is between 8am and 4pm. I got there early fifteen minutes ahead of schedule and was second in line. As usual, being a government leg, the doctor came in fashionably late. She started handling out our CD4 extraction request forms for data verification and confirmation. And when our names were called out, I was surprised that the queue was not observed. I was served fourth to the last wherein fact I’m second in line. Kinda irritating that being early went in vain. Oh well, at least the actual blood extraction was a breeze. Will be coming back to H4 next week for the results and consultation.

From SACCL, I went to the private hospital nearby our home for the prescribed lab tests to identify opportunistic infections possibly residing in my body. I wasn’t able to make it to the cutoff of 10am for some of the lab tests and I ended up just having my chest xray and urinalysis taken. Will have to go back to the hospital before 10am tomorrow for the rest of the test. Lab tests are kinda expensive as the cumulative amount sums to almost PHP 4,000. Funny think that the nurse there doesn’t know how to add and that the cashier doesn’t verify the charge slip before cashing in. Urinalysis costs PHP 177 while CXR costs PHP 300. I just noticed when I got home that the total amount in the charge slip is 377. The cashier overlooked that! Cool! I got PHP 100 off in my lab tests this morning.