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Finally, after the several calls I made to the laboratory to follow-up and check on the status of my lab result, I’ve gotten what I have been waiting for — a text message from the lab that I can already pick-up the result on Monday, March 22 at 11am onwards from their head office. I have nothing more to do than to be vigilant in prayers and to keep my hopes up that things will turn out fine — that my result will be non-reactive. Just like what my friends have been assuring me.


I’m 25. At the peak of my career.
I am Positive.

I had myself tested for HIV last Monday after the SMS I got from an anonymous texter days prior. After days of paranoia and fear, I went to the laboratory an hour ago to pick-up my test result. I handed over the receipt to the medical technicial and I got an implied affirmation from him, “Oooh. [My Name]. You’re test result is not yet here. You’ve read the note right? You’ll get a call once the result is in.”

My blood sample has been forwarded to the San Lazaro hospital for confirmatory tests. Meaning, my initial lab result is positive. I’ll just have to wait for the call.

Whatever the result will be, I have to be brave and strong in facing the truth. I have to learn to accept and embrace the fact. This is the start of my Life’s journey — not a walk towards the end of my life, but the adventures of living my life to the fullest. Savoring every breath and every moment of my life with the people that matters most to me.

May God help me.