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A poem…

King, wrote me a poem a few hours ago. He’s my ex fours year ago. He knows me well and he definitely feels what I’ve been going through in the past few weeks as a result of my recent break-up.¬†Reposting the poem from his blog:

You left me on the edge of a cold sandy beach
Icy waters greeting my feet
Like the endless tears of pain in hell
You left me on the edge of a cold sandy beachI stand frozen
Looking at the distant memory of you
You kissed me goodbye
And hugged me ’till my tears dry

Waves are coming for me
Piercing wind, scratching my face
Yet I stand there frozen
Looking for you
Waves are coming for me,
yet I stand there frozen,
as tears drown my longing for you.

I walk towards the water
Freezing water, like your heart when you left me.
I walk farther from the shore
Like how I must walk away,
from the memory of you
I drown myself in the deep ocean blue

How I wish I can just drown myself
To feel nothing but the freezing cold
Until my body numbs
Until I can no longer feel…

As I let myself go in the waters that swallowed me
How I wish you could hear my plea
I let go of the future
…and the memories of us.
 Is that we will ever be.

Thank you very much King! I appreacite it so much.

My fairytale story with Papa bear ended up with a not-so-happy ending. I thought it was the start of a happily ever after part but apparently, it was not. Oh well, that’s life.

I have started another chapter of my life almost a month ago. I met this spectacular guy which eventually ended up as my wifey last August 14. Let’s give him the pet name Purr. Purr just like Papa Bear is aware of my status as a pozzie. However, this status doesn’t hold him back on being intimate with me. One of the issues that led to my previous relationship’s failure. It’s not right to compare the current with someone from the past but it’s inevitable. All that I can say is that I’m deeply in love with Purr and that feeling is mutual. I won’t expound on this anymore but I can feel something different compared to my previous relationships. I’m hoping that he’s the one I’m gonna spend the rest of my lifetime with.

A little fact on this love of my life: Purr gives talks on sexuality, gay empowerment, and HIV not just here in the Philippines but even abroad. In fact, he was one of the co-founders of a LGBT organization in our country. He’s just about my age and damn! I’m so impressed with his wit and knowledge. For me, he’s a perfect package.

Before I forget, He just had himself test two weeks ago and he turned out to be non-reactive. Yay!

flirty cashier…

I decided to dine at the country style concessionaire stand in our office canteen for lunch this afternoon and had a very awkward conversation with their cute cashier guy.

Me: I’ll have a sausage combo for dine-in please. and then a large kiwi-strawberry. What sausages are available?

Cashier: Sir, we have frankfurter, Hungarian sausage, Italian sausage. And I’m also available.

I was shocked with his statement! Apparently, the waitress overheard him say that and blurted out, “Bakit? Sausage ka ba?“. The cashier suddenly realized what he had just said. He smiled and turned his head down with an ¬†expression on his face that he can’t believe he said that out aloud.

I pretended that I didn’t hear his statement and said, “I’ll get the Hungarian sausage”. I then handed him the exact amount and then got my own table. Deep inside, I was kinikilig. LOL. If I’m a flirt, I could have gotten him that instant. But I’m not. Too bad.