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confessing to my lover…

I’ve been seeing someone recently — a 32 year old guy who looks a lot even younger than me (I’m 25). The though of telling him about my status as a pozzie has been troubling my mind in the past few days. I can no longer take further rejections as what I have experienced with the other guys that I have been dating — being left alone in the dark after confessing about my status. I have the option not to tell him about me, but I have to.

I finally got the courage to pop the question this evening.  Here’s the verbatim transcription of the conversation that we had over SMS:

Me: Ei. Punta ako ng lounge tonight ah, may event yung friend ko. Actually it’s a Pink Pride party ng Ladlad.
Him: Kain tayo. Behave ka jan ha.
Me: Eat well ah… Mwahugs. Sana kaya mo akong tanggapin.
Him: Uy. Ano ka ba. Di kita sasamahan kung hindi.
Me: Sana. Basta may sasabihin ako sa yo soon. Sana mag ka lang mangiiwan and hindi ka narrow-minded. I want you to get to know me more before ko sabihin sa yo.
Him: Regarding saan ba yan?
Me: About me.
Him: Wala me pakialam dun. Importante nagkakaintindihan tayo. Ang saya ko talaga na magiging part ka na ng life ko. mwah.
Me: Sure ka? feeling ko pag sinabi ko magiging cold ka na lang bigla at iiwanan mo ako eh.
Him: Di ha. Wala ka naman siguro sakit. haha
Me: What if sabihin ko HIV positive ako?
Him: Di naman siguro. Wag ka nga ganyan
Me: What if?
Him: Uy. Wag ka nga magbiro ng ganyan.
Me: Wag na sana lalabas to kahit kanino. I’m entrusting this secret to you. Seriously, I’m HIV positive. So gusto mo pa rin ba o ayaw mo na? Hindi ako nagbibiro. nagsasabi ako ng totoo. You have the right to know. Aside from my family and barkada, ikaw lang sinabihan ko.
Him:Ok pa rin. Naiyak naman ako. sana di ka nagbibiro
Me: Hindi ako nagbibiro. I’m hoping na di ka narrow-minded unlike others. Sinasabi ko sa yo dahil i like you so much and I care. Sana kaya mo ako tanggapin.
Him: Ui. ano ka ba. Please wag ka magbiro
Me: Hindi talaga ako nagbibiro. Ano nga? Kaya mo ba tanggapin o hindi?
Him: Bakit kasi di ka nagingat. ano ka ba? Tanggapin kita abu ka ba. Kaya lang wala tayo sex.
Me: Thanks for that. Pwede pa namang meron. Obviously,wala ka pang alam masyado about HIV. I’ll educate you about it. Kung ano ang pwede and hindi. Tawagan kita mamaya. Please don’t tell a single sould about me being positive. Malamang nakita mo sa CP ko: H4 2010 077. That’s my patient number sa San Lazaro. Kaya pansin mo, as much as i would like to kiss you or be intimate with you, di ko pa ginagawa? Kasi di ko pa nasasabi sayo about it.
Me: Are you ok? Di ka na sumagot?
Him: Ok lang me,
Me: May mababago ba with what’s going on between us o wala? be honest?
Him: Tawag ka na.

Wasn’t able to call him that instant. I ran out of load and I left my postpaid phone at home. So I bid farewell to my friend and newly found friends and then drove home in a hurry. I called him the moment I stepped into my room and had a quite long discussion over the phone.

He was still shocked with the news. But somehow, he expressed his appreciation for my honesty. He has accepted me being a pozzie and he assured me that nothing will change. I had a sigh of relief and I somewhat felt happy but I can feel the fear and sadness in his tone. “I thought perfect na ang lahat. pero di rin pala. Don’t worry hindi ako tulad ng iba. Hindi kita iiwan. Kung ako naman nasa sitwasyon mo, ayoko rin namang iwanan ako di ba? Basta ang alam ko, happy ako pag kasama kita.” I’m happy that he’s a thinks maturely unlike the others. I’d spare the details of our phone conversation as it’s very personal and emotional. We are to talk about this further later when he gets off from work at 3am.

While writing the early part of this entry, we had this discourse through SMS:

Him: I’m so sad.?
Me: Don’t be please??
Him: Kala ko perfect na.
Me: It still can be…

Winner yung  most recent SMS discourse diba? hahaha. Can’t wait to talk to him in an hour. I’m hoping that everything will turnout fine.


flirty cashier…

I decided to dine at the country style concessionaire stand in our office canteen for lunch this afternoon and had a very awkward conversation with their cute cashier guy.

Me: I’ll have a sausage combo for dine-in please. and then a large kiwi-strawberry. What sausages are available?

Cashier: Sir, we have frankfurter, Hungarian sausage, Italian sausage. And I’m also available.

I was shocked with his statement! Apparently, the waitress overheard him say that and blurted out, “Bakit? Sausage ka ba?“. The cashier suddenly realized what he had just said. He smiled and turned his head down with an  expression on his face that he can’t believe he said that out aloud.

I pretended that I didn’t hear his statement and said, “I’ll get the Hungarian sausage”. I then handed him the exact amount and then got my own table. Deep inside, I was kinikilig. LOL. If I’m a flirt, I could have gotten him that instant. But I’m not. Too bad.