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Doctor Bear…

Last August 14, Purrpz, my partner gave a doctor bear as a monthsary gift — A promise that he will take care of me forever. How sweet. I love you babe.


Another chapter of my life is being written — the story of Papa Smiley Bear and his Baby Bear. I’ve been waiting for this love story for almost two years now and my patience finally paid off. My prince charming has finally come to free me from the bondage of my past. After being chained in the pit of bitterness and despair for months, this knight in the shining armor rescued me and escorted me be back to life. He helped me remember the things that I have forgotten — how to smile and love again.

But not all fairy tales have happy endings. Just as when the handsome prince have finally met his perfect maiden, he has learned that a haunted ghost of the past had cast a spell upon his bride. A curse that would restrain them in the act of manifesting their love for each other. That once broken, it’ll bring demise to his own life. The Prince risked it. At around 4:30 am of June 9, 2010. He uttered the words “I love you” and kissed his maiden. When their lips touched, the fairy godmother dressed in all pink appeared out of nowhere and transformed the Prince and the maiden into bears after the hollywood SFX drama of smoke, glitters, and orchestra music — the Prince as Papa Smiley Bear and the maiden as Baby Bear. And from thereon, they are to take the hurdles of this life in the wilderness and they are to shape their own destiny.

Malabo no? I’m just wasted. Just to cut things short, Rico (not his real name) and I are now officially partners. I call him my Papa Smiley Bear (he smiles a lot and he has this perfect killer smile), and he calls me his Baby bear. That’s it. haha.