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Alive and Kicking

It’s been quite a while since I last posted and been receiving DMs on twitter.

Yes! I’m still alive and kicking. Just been quite busy. Thanks for checking in on me. I appreciate the concern. 🙂 I’m at my tip-top shape.

Just had my blood chem over the weekend. Guess what? My CD4 count is at an all-time high – 741 with 22.4% percentage against lymphocytes. Our goal is to have at least 30%. Slowly but getting there.

Still waiting for the results of my viral load. I’m just hoping that it’s still “undetectable” as i’ve been missing my medications once in a while recently.


HIV Viral Load

Just got the result of my HIV viral load. After two years of medication, my load is now undetectable. It is indeed a late birthday and early Christmas gift for me this year.


< 20 copies/mL
< 34 UI/mL

Threshold is estimated as 20 copies (1.3 log) of HIV-1 RNA/mL of plasma.
The linearity range extends up to 10000 000 copies/mL (log 7).
The quantification is homogenous for all sub types of HIV-1 group M and
HIV-1 group O tested, but is not applicable to HIV-2.
This test is exclusively reserved for the follow up of viral loads in
seropositive patients. Due to an increased sensitivity, a residual viral
load, not demonstrated by alternative techniques, and of which clinical
impact is not established presently, may be detected.

CD4 Count – 2013

After delaying my CD4 count by almost 6 months, I was able to finally clear my schedule to accommodate the test last week. I’m quite pleased with the results. From last year’s 251 indicator, my count climbed up to 536. Still waiting for the results of my viral load. Hoping that it’ll be undetectable by now. i’m happy that my medication is doing its job with very minimal side effects

I know for a very short time, we have so many stuff in life that we don’t really understand, for the fact that we never get along together.. We have so many discrepancies, so many hesitations, questions and doubt. But no matter what it takes, for this short period of time, I learned to love you so deep.. Learned to dream about future with you.. Learned to smile.. And Learned to love again. To pray that you’re not gonna say goodbye.. To hope that whatever argument we’re having, you’ll still be there holding on.. To wish the impossible things in life.. I learned to feel the true love.. But all of those, I never learned to how to love you less in every waking day of my life. Thank you so much babe for letting me feel those things.. Happy Monthsary and wishing us both a happy live and strong relationship together.. I love you so much and will love you more in every waking day of my life!

My babe’s monthsary greeting / message for me 🙂

Another Fresh Wound

Just a few weeks ago, my partner broke up with me but we were able to resolve things and then got together again after a few days.

Just a few hours ago, I can’t believe that this relationship is over. This time, with certain finality. Just when I thought things are falling back into place. Though it was a good break-up, It would be hard for me to face the fact that the person is no longer mine. Everything happened as a series of unfortunate events. First, with a beloved one’s demise, then will my failing health, then my issues in the office and then most recently, this one. I’ve gotta hold on to my faith and keep believing that things will get better soon.

The pain is quite unbearable and the reality’s sinking in now. I gave the best that I could possibly give – my 100%. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I don’t know if I’d get another shot at love. If only it’s possible to bring back time to correct the mistakes I’ve made. Wishful thinking, I’m wishing that someday, that person will come back into my arms but that solely depends on that person now. I’m just hoping that in case that time will come, I’ll still be here to feel and relive the love we’ve had.



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if you are taking advantage of the free ARVs in the philippines or would like to take advantage of it when your CD4 falls below 500, then we need your help.

the world leaders are meeting up in new york, usa on oct 4-5, 2010 to announce their financial contributions to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for the next three years.

in order to maintain, accelerate and effectively implement its programs, Global Fund needs usd20 billion.

we need to ensure that the world leaders uphold their promises to provide treatment and care to the millions living with and/or affected by HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. let them know that we are watching them. let us demand that they commit the usd20 billion needed by Global Fund.

show them that we care for the millions who will die without the Global Fund programs. do this by following the link and signing the petition.

please send it to your friends, families, colleagues and networks and encourage them to sign up too.

500,000 signatures are need by thursday, sept 30, 2010!

the petition will be delivered to world leaders at the Replenishment Meeting, and is one of a number of actions that will be occurring around the world in the lead up to the meeting.

for more information on how your participation will make a difference, go to


I’m supposed to go back to H4 this morning to get my CD4 count test result and have a consultation with Dr. A regarding my blood chemistry, and other laboratory test results. But I found it so hard to get out of bed this morning. I opted to take a few more hours of sleep than being an OPD patient in the H4 pavillion in this hellish weather. I swear to myself that next week, I will be there for my consultation. I need to know my CD4 count ASAP. No more delays and attack of katamaran. Besides, I need to get a presciption for the medication of my Urinary tract infection. Though we have a doctor in the family, I need to know which medication to take given that I can’t risk taking drugs that could have adverse effect on my health that could possibly give the virus a higher level of resistance. I haven’t gotten the list of meds that I am allowed to take and the list that I have to avoid. Better be safe the sorry. So next week…