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HIV Viral Load

Just got the result of my HIV viral load. After two years of medication, my load is now undetectable. It is indeed a late birthday and early Christmas gift for me this year.


< 20 copies/mL
< 34 UI/mL

Threshold is estimated as 20 copies (1.3 log) of HIV-1 RNA/mL of plasma.
The linearity range extends up to 10000 000 copies/mL (log 7).
The quantification is homogenous for all sub types of HIV-1 group M and
HIV-1 group O tested, but is not applicable to HIV-2.
This test is exclusively reserved for the follow up of viral loads in
seropositive patients. Due to an increased sensitivity, a residual viral
load, not demonstrated by alternative techniques, and of which clinical
impact is not established presently, may be detected.


CD4 Count – 2013

After delaying my CD4 count by almost 6 months, I was able to finally clear my schedule to accommodate the test last week. I’m quite pleased with the results. From last year’s 251 indicator, my count climbed up to 536. Still waiting for the results of my viral load. Hoping that it’ll be undetectable by now. i’m happy that my medication is doing its job with very minimal side effects