Finally, I got myself transferred to Makati Medical Center as my new treatment hub. Although it’ll be quite expensive unlike at H4 where everything’s free, it’s much more convenient and comfortable. 😀

Goodbye to once-a-week OPD days; bitchy doctors, nurses, and staff; waking up early to find out that I’m already 20th in line; and exposure to unwanted elements.

With my initial consultation with Dra. G at MMC, she recommended that I do the following:

1. retake my CBC count. My hemoglobin count decreased to below normal. If it stays the same, I might need to stop taking zidovudine and take something else instead

2. take the following tests:
a. blood chemistry. It’s been almost a year since my blood chem
b. viral load. Dra G got puzzled why the doctors at San Lazaro never recommended me to get my baseline viral load count
c. vaccines – tetanus, pneumonia, flu

Since I need to travel out of the country for training for three months, I was able to get hold of three bottles of my ARV treatment medications (they charge PHP 100.00 per bottle for storage fee through) unlike at H4 where it’s a tremendous challenge to get hold of more than a month’s supply of ARV medication even with valid reasons.