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CD4 Count

It’s took me 3 weeks since my blood sample was extracted for CD4 count to pay H4 a visit to claim the result (and at the same time refill my AZT+3ZT and EFV supply). I was partial happy and disappointed with my most recent count after being on my ARV treatment since October 2011:

May 2010 – 424
February 2011 – 366
August 2011 – 97
May 2012 – 198

There you go. 198. up by 101 from more than six months ago. I’m happy that it went up as it’s a sign that the medication is working. I’m quite disappointed though that my CD4 count didn’t go up as I’ve expected. My lifestyle is to be blamed for this. I haven’t cut down on my smoking and have started consuming alcohol. Wasn’t even taking multivitamins as my doctors prescribe. Although I get ample rest (8-10 hours per day), my sleeping pattern is still incorrect staying up until the wee-morning hours for the sake of going out on dates or chilling out with my friends. I now resolve to correct these unhealthy habits and work on improving my health.

Dra. A is quite happy that the medication is working for me. She explained during my consultation that the count actually varies on a person to person basis and depending on our lifestyle. She reiterated that I need to work on targeting having more than 1,000+ CD4 count. Given that my count is still below 200, she prescribed that I take cotrimoxazole as prophylaxis against pneumonia M-W-F until my count surpasses the borderline level of 350.  She also reminded me to have pneumonia shots every six months and get annual flu vaccination.


After weeks of procrastinating, I was finally able to drop by the hospital nearby our village to get my blood extracted for my blood chemistry. It is a routine procedure at H4 to have this data presented to the doctor on duty every six months to check how the body is reacting to the ARV medication. Usually, the doctors prescribe this upon scheduling the patient for his or her CD4 count blood extraction. I’m quite glad that the result is normal despite the fact that I only had 5 hours of fasting instead of the required 8 hours. By fasting, there should be no food nor liquid intake in the prescribed duration.

Below is the result of my blood chemistry. Normal values as encapsulated within brackets for everyone’s reference.

FBS: 4.65 [3.89 – 5.83 mmol/L]
Urea Nitrogen: 15.20 [10 – 50 mg/dL]
Creatinine: 0.71 [0.4 – 1.4]
Cholesterol: 6.52 [< 5.171 mmol/L]
Triglycerides: 1.07 [up to 2.88 mmol/L]
SGOT: 20.68 [40 u/L]
SGPT: 24.06 [41 u/L]

Hemoglobin: 139 [130 – 180 G/L]
Hamatocrit: 0.41 [0.40 – 0.54 L]
RBC: 4.4 [ 4.5 – 6×10^12 L]
WBC: 8.8 [ 5.0 – 10.0×10^9 L]
Neutrophils: 0.60 [0.040 – 0.75]
Lymphocytes: 0.39 [0.20 – 0/45]
Eosinophils: 0.01 [0.01 – 0.06]