Just a few weeks ago, my partner broke up with me but we were able to resolve things and then got together again after a few days.

Just a few hours ago, I can’t believe that this relationship is over. This time, with certain finality. Just when I thought things are falling back into place. Though it was a good break-up, It would be hard for me to face the fact that the person is no longer mine. Everything happened as a series of unfortunate events. First, with a beloved one’s demise, then will my failing health, then my issues in the office and then most recently, this one. I’ve gotta hold on to my faith and keep believing that things will get better soon.

The pain is quite unbearable and the reality’s sinking in now. I gave the best that I could possibly give – my 100%. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I don’t know if I’d get another shot at love. If only it’s possible to bring back time to correct the mistakes I’ve made. Wishful thinking, I’m wishing that someday, that person will come back into my arms but that solely depends on that person now. I’m just hoping that in case that time will come, I’ll still be here to feel and relive the love we’ve had.