This has been a problem that I’ve been facing in the past few years. No matter how voracious my appetite is, I just won’t gain weight. Instead, I keep on getting leaner and leaner. Years ago, I’ve been attributing this to my metabolism. Other people were so envious how effortless it is for me to lose weight. I would just eat anything my heart’s desires without the worry of getting fat.  But finally, I was able to pinpoint the primary reason why I won’t gain weight — HIV.

Here’s a side by side picture of me four years ago and a picture of me taken just a few months ago.

People just are noticing that I look thinner everyday and it’s no longer flattering. I’m even more lean now compared to my picture that I have posted. I have been taking multivitamins and have been pigging out once in a while. But these aren’t enough. I finally heeded my friends’ suggestions to enroll myself to a fitness center and start working out. Hopefully, this would help me address my weight problem. I even asked my sibling in the US to send me whey protein to aid me in improving my physique. But procrastination is getting into me again. I should have started with my program last June 1 but until now, I still can’t get myself in the mood to work-out. I need motivation.